Daniele Casati

Daniele Casati

Welcome to my website!

My name is Daniele Casati and
I am a Lead Backend Software Engineer with a PhD in computational mathematics from ETH Zurich and significant leadership experience.

My expertise is in data analytics software,
optimizing diverse models—from recipes for growing biological cultures to investment portfolios—by interpreting various time series, from sensor measurements
of a lab device to financial data.

In my free time, I am developing an ASP.NET
bioprocess analytics platform, utilizing Docker, OPC UA, C++ (numerical solver), and MongoDB.
My GitHub repository is available upon request.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.


SEI Novus

Senior Software Engineer

• Own the full development lifecycle: Write specifications with the product team, estimate work, design the architecture, implement features, test functionality, release updates, and maintain an enterprise-grade data analytics software platform for investment management.
• Support project management,
operating as an autonomous unit within the larger company.
• Funded by the employer to pursue
a Stanford LEAD business degree.
Technologies: Scala, MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server, Kubernetes & Helm, AWS & Terraform



Head of Software

• Head of software: Defined technology-driven business cases and strategies with the CTO.
• Team leader: Specifically, guided the team that developed a new bioprocess analytics platform for R&D bioreactors, to execute bioprocesses for growing biological cultures and
collect sensor measurements.
• Technical project manager: Collected business requirements for the new platform, wrote DevOps tickets.
• Software architect: Designed the architecture of
the new platform, selected technologies (e.g., the database), and documented these decisions.
• Main backend developer: Responsible for
the actual implementation of backend code.
Technologies: .NET C#, Python, OPC UA, MongoDB & RavenDB, Microservices, Docker.


PhD in Computational Mathematics

ETH Zurich, Seminar of Applied Mathematics

• Numerical methods for computational electromagnetics: Specifically, coupled two methods based on finite elements and auxiliary sources to concurrently solve Maxwell’s equations in two domains—one complex and bounded, the other smooth and unbounded. PhD thesis with DOI: 10.3929/ethz-b-000386816
• Worked on C++ HyDi libraries, in-house software at ABB for finite-element simulations.
• Organized courses on Numerical methods for ODEs/PDEs and Scientific programming.
• Funded for a three-month stay as a visiting scientist at KOPTI, Gwangju, South Korea.
Technologies: Modern C++, Eigen, Boost, OpenMP and MPI.

Name Daniele Casati
Country Zurich, Switzerland
Languages Italian, English, German
Google Scholar
Email mail (at) DanieleCasati (dot) com